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Forging through the Storm

Like many women out there, I am a football widow. My husband gets lost in game after game while I sit on the couch and write.

Last weekend, his favorite team lost on the last play: a “Hail Mary” pass into the end zone that cost them the game. While having to sit through and endure my husband’s frustration (no one likes it when their team loses), the phrase “praise Him in this storm” came to mind.

Yes, I realize it was only a game, and no, I’m not sure if God really cares who wins. But childlike faith in Him—in all circumstances—brings new opportunities. That moment made me think of how the “storms” in my life have always had a purpose, whether I saw it at the time or not.

When I was a child, I loved gymnastics. I wasn’t sure which I preferred: flying through the air or laughing with my teammates. But after my eighth-grade year I grew five inches, which ultimately ended my gymnastics career. I entered high school and found a new sport: volleyball. At first I was awful! But after four years and a lot of hard work, I received a volleyball scholarship for college.

Looking back, especially when I watch my own daughters at gymnastics practice, I realize that I wasn’t good enough to do gymnastics in college. Leaving the sport was the best move I could have made, but if you’d asked me at the time, I would’ve told you that my life was over. There is no doubt in my mind that God was taking care of me (and answering my parents’ prayers about getting me through college and not breaking the bank).

Another example that comes to mind is when I hurt myself playing volleyball as an adult. I strained my left hip flexor, which takes a long time to heal. One day as I was sitting on the couch, pouting I’m sure, my husband mentioned that I was always saying I wanted to write a book, and that this might be a good time to begin.

Intrigued, I opened my laptop and began typing away. Eight months later, I completed my first manuscript. Granted, I was a rookie and the book was mediocre at best, but I learned a few things about myself. First, I was way more creative than I ever thought. Second, writing was exceedingly enjoyable and I wanted to do more of it.

Now I sit here with another novel under my belt and I’m halfway through a third. If you would’ve asked me if I’d ever become an author while sitting on the couch pouting back then, I would’ve laughed at you. Today, I’m pursuing writing as my full-time job.

The storms we endure always have a purpose—even the football team’s loss that day. Maybe God is placing the coaches and players on new and exciting paths? Maybe He is teaching patience to my husband and millions of other fans? Regardless, having faith during our trials can lead us to places we’d never fathom.

Have you been through a tough time and come out the other side in a whole new place? Or have family members or friends experienced the worst to only end up blessed? Everything happens for a reason, so just sit back and praise Him as He leads you to the unimaginable!

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