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I finished reading [Finding Love between the Lines] in 2 days; I just couldn't put it down! With all of the negativity and violence in the world, it is so refreshing to read a book that does not rely on violence, profanity and sex! It was filled with adventure, romance and love! This book brightened my day! I can't wait to read Summer's other books!
—Gail T.
I had a great time reading Finding Love Between the Lines! It’s filled with colorful characters, beautiful locations, and love’s many dilemmas. The main character, Samantha, tackles her challenges and troubles with courage and humor while she moves toward her goals – love and literary success. Excellent uplifting story!
—N. Doyle 
"I really enjoyed [The Pull]. It was a book that I could not put down. It reminded me of a Stephenie Myer novel. I ended the book really enjoying it and hoping that a sequel will be written. The author connected with all of the characters very well and the book was suspenseful and descriptively written. I hope a sequel is written! We need to find out what happens! :)"
—Anonymous Amazon review

"[The Pull] is a page turner!! I recommend this book for anyone who wants to be a part of a great adventure. Robidoux's writing style hits a home run. Can't wait for the sequel."


Unlike the first book in the series, these authors may be a bit more unknown. However, it gives the reader a chance to “meet” new storytellers. [21 Days of Christmas] is a beautiful hardcover book, complete with a built-in bookmark ribbon for the reader’s convenience. Some of my favorite stories are: “Camouflaged Christmas” by Beverly Nault, “A Violet Christmas” by Summer Robidoux, and “All I Want for Christmas” by Glenda Joy Race."


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