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Finding Love between the Lines


Samantha Ledar lives a life that most people only dream about: she is a happily married, wealthy, world-renowned author. That is, until a uniformed officer comes to her door and tells her the devastating news: she’s a widow.


Wasting away in a state of depression, Sam unexpectedly hatches the perfect plan to escape her grave reality and overcome her circumstances. Convincing her agent to hire her as an assistant but needing to conceal her identity from her fans, she transforms herself into one of the characters from her first novel. In cahoots with her agent, Sam travels across the country and excels in her new career.


When Sam finds that one of her first assignments is to work covertly on her own award ceremony, she’s forced to keep up appearances—especially when she’s teamed with the agency’s handsome new author. As Sam’s fabricated life becomes increasingly more complicated, her deceits seem to compound daily into a complex web of fiction  . . . just like one of her novels.


The Pull


Brittany Scott is coasting through the life her parents always wanted for her: a college degree, vet tech school, and now, a great job at a veterinary clinic in her hometown. When a new doctor joins the team, however, Brit realizes how insecurity has kept her in a stagnant existence: she never takes on any challenges, and always keeps people at arm’s length. Brit decides it’s time for a change, starting with her superficial relationships. After recruiting her favorite work acquaintances, she embarks on a road trip of self-discovery.


While exploring in Boulder, Colorado, Brit and her friends are approached by a mysterious stranger. Speaking in ancient riddles, he discloses the directions to an Arapahoe legend, the Cleansing Pool, located deep within the Rocky Mountains. With the help of Brit’s friends—and two men they meet along the way—the group discovers that the pool is actually a portal that pulls Travelers through the universe. 


With the discovery of her rare destiny, the universe is at Brit’s fingertips, and she holds one of the master keys to pass through any door. She must now save our world from a tyrant plotting to avenge his father’s death. It’s a race to the finish line, and human existence is at stake.

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The Fiction Lover's Devotional Series is a four- book compilation series of Christian short stories. Summer features a short story in book two, 21 Days of Christmas: Stories that Celebrate God’s Greatest Gift.

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